Best in slot jager wow

best in slot jager wow

PvP & PvE Ranglisten, Spieler Ranglisten, beste Gilden, Klassen & Rassen Ranglisten, Ausrüstung, Edelsteine, Verzauberungen, Talent & Talentverteilungs . Tempo ist, suche ich dringend eine aktuelle BiS Liste für meinen BM. Specübergreifenden auch einen neuen Hunter auf bringen um. Okt. Der Tierherrschafts-Jäger in WoW ist eine Schadenspezialisierung des Waidmanns. Er greift seine Feinde mit der Artefaktwaffen Titanenblitz.

I have Prydaz, Sephuz and the bracers. The boots are the only shit legendaries I don't have, and I just know they're next Ya I think it's hilarious that the resto boots are significantly better than the enh boots.

Resto has mastery and haste which is great for enh. Ironically the storm tempest's stats are better for resto than enh lol.

I would love the ring. I'm just scraping under k on Heroic Ursoc and I'd love to push past that barrier. Here I am with eye dropping 10 min after I get to on my enh alt from the world boss.

My main still has no legendary. Sephuz's for resto shaman and Prydaz on my prot pally. No one believed me and told me to stop complaining they couldn't be that bad.

The sad part is, if they would have just swapped, I'd be pretty damn well off. Prydaz is great for resto shamans, and sephuz's is pretty okay for prot pally.

Lots of chances to trigger the haste. I'm more concerned that Shadow Satyr's Walk are basically mandatory to have a chance to do good Sub dmg, thats all.

Shadowstrike restores 5 Energy plus an additional 1 Energy for every 2 yds between you and your target, down from 10 energy.

Feral Druid and Elemental Shaman have the lowest Power spreads, meaning their legendaries provide the least power spikes to their respective classes.

I think these might be underpowered and deserve a buff. I kind of view this as the opposite. I think their spread is more ideal, since it mitigates the "damnit" reaction to receiving the lower end legendaries.

Also improves dps in low target cleave situations. Ailuro regrowth proc stacks to 3, auto generate one every 15s - more blood talon buffs, more self healing.

Should probably be higher on the list with perfect play, but this one increases skill ceiling on the class while the other big ones reduce it.

Plus it has a socket. Or you know, end up with both of these and put on balance affinity and enjoy your 27 yard range thrash as it pulls trash from everywhere.

I became the new MM hunter for a couple of days using luffas. Even now I mysteriously pull snails and seagulls from africa. I think their spread is more ideal, since it mitigates the "damnit".

Exactly, like every legendary is atleast "ok, not so bad" for en Ele Shaman but for Enh for example a Sephuz's Secret is a "fuck this shit" moment.

Good point, feral's legendaries are definitely more situational. I ran some quick tests and it seems that Luffa's dominates on Il'gynoth and Wildshaper's is top on Xavius, but the benefit is still marginal compared to legendaries from other classes.

In an ideal environment, it makes sense that power spread averaged over the entire raid should be small, but it would be healthy to have a large power spread on a boss-by-boss basis.

This way choosing legendaries per boss is actually impactful and rewards gear decision making. Feral legendaries are great because they make your life a bit easier but the DPS boost isn't gigantic, meaning you don't feel too sad if you don't get your favorite and top rank competition remains mostly based on good play rather than RNG outside of Luffa padding: I feel like my Ashamanes Rip uptime went down since I got the gloves.

What am I doing wrong? Dumb Blasting Cap Launcher being my only legendary. When I told my guild I'd rather have the generic neck, they wouldn't believe me.

Hope you have better luck in legendaries, the good thing is at least we still have a long way to go in the expac and if they dont increase the cap pretty soon you could not even need to equip that one and have the bis two legendaries.

I feel a Lot better about the neck after these. It's a huge mastery stick and I'll never have to buy another sabers eye or mark of the satyr until I get shoes and belt.

Assuming we don't get 3 by then. There were reports of people saying it wasn't buffing Kingsbane's damage since 7. I didn't confirm it myself but didn't know if that was fixed or something.

Mysterious, your guild mate. So do you have only 2 relics to go with your boots or 3? I've been saving a few myself in case the boots are my next leg.

Just a tip for showing data set your axis the same for all of the graphs. It will be way more meaningful at a glance. An example of what I mean is Destro compared to Sub Rogue.

At a glance the graphs are very similar. However that is pretty wildly inaccurate based on how the data is presented.

Your graphs visually show the data is the same for these two classes. Yet Prydaz worst destro legendary listed at 8 is better for a destro warlock than even the 3rd best legendary is for Sub Cinidaria.

Basically it makes legendaries that actually are pretty decent, maybe not THE BEST legendary, but definitely not terrible items seem far worse than what they are.

Affliction puts this into some context of what I am talking about. Yeah hood is hands down the best, but it isn't like the rest of them are TERRIBLE for affliction and they seem way better to get just because Sephuz's actually is pretty terrible for affliction.

Even though most of those legendaries are as good for affliction, as the all of the other legendaries are for destro.

It looks like you would be fine if you set the minimum value to It will make your data look way prettier. It will also make some specs feel a little better Ah yes, I should normalize the X-axis for all the charts, which I'll do in the next week.

I'm going to try to get these charts up on a site using JS instead of raw images I'm sure this'll be unpopular opinion but legendaries need to fucking go.

There are even more classes that just feel "unfun" to play until you get a certain legendary. Blood DK to me is one of them until you get the bracers.

I don't think there is a class that feels unfun without a certain legendary. My Blood DK certainly doesn't feel boring without those braces. Sure I would love to have them, but the class still plays great even without them.

Yeah, this system is fucking garbage. It's not fun and the community is fucking screaming it at them.

They're just being stubborn because they're positive the "big drop" is fun and it just fucking isn't unless you're getting a BIS drop.

Getting a shitty legendary, perhaps multiple times, feels far worse then how good itll feel when i finally get the bis legendary.

I have the 2 shittiest legendaries for enhancement I do run it.. Look at the power differences. Well this chart just looks at the DPS increase it gives to the wearer.

Monks don't need the mobility to do more DPS. Of course overall March of the Legion is probably the most powerful Legendary, but it's pretty much impossible to quantify it.

I kept praying that I would get it. I main boomkin and I find the ranks actually roughly correct. Helm is better in single-target situations and the ring is more well-rounded, so it pulls ahead over an average raid.

Helmet is better than ring, and oneths isn't close to either unless HAC. Sephuz is better han cin IMO just cause of the stats.

In addition to the helm and ring being mixed up, Cindaria also shouldn't be that close to the top 3. I'd probably swap helm and ring for fights like nyth and ursoc, but double incarn gets huge benefits from all AOE fights and Xavius when you can double incarn in dream.

Cindaria is already the "worst" of the pure boomkin DPS legendaries so it seems to be in the right place. I think holy priest is off too since it ranks Prydaz first.

Once I figure out a normalizing factor for healing, I'm going to work on re-ranking the healers and post a new imager link. And it gives something like 10kk hps if shield pops every time it can depending on max hp of player.

As others are saying, Prydaz is actually quite good for hpriest HPS. The shield goes into your HPS, and it's several percent over the course of a fight.

It also helps with survivability which is something h priests sorely lack. Top it off with perfectly itemized and a socket.

It's the same feeling you get as a WW monk with only Sephuz's Secret. Really glad I spent the last 2 months farming Emissary chests for that piece of shit.

Playing an Elemental with graphical data just reminds me of the 5 stages of grief, I am at stage 5. Well the PTR changes I wish they'd rework the whole ele experience.

I recently got anger of the half giants on my DH and I saw a great increase of dps and it made the class smoother on fury pools.

The class needs this ring to currently survive just like DKs. Other classes have resource rings to. With each DH running demons blades it gives a chance of fury I believe if they tuned it to it would be rounded out well instead of removing the ring.

How did you do Tanks? Also I would like to point out that Emerald Nightmare isn't the only high level content that the game has to offer.

I don't actually know if there is a "right" metric for tanks. Warcraftlogs experimented with 'krsi' back in WoD, but I don't think it's been updated for Legion yet.

I just saw Cinidaria at the top of the chart for all of the tanks and thought "that's not right! Yeah, that's on my radar.

The creator of the stat has said it's wrong and should be removed but for some reason it stays. Luff and Elize are widely agreed to be the best Guardian legendaries since Thrash also happens to help with mitigation.

I guess this is single target because you didn't include Frizzo. Frizzo is probably like everything else with Survival, it's hard to be sure the BiS legendary for 3 targets.

In dungeons it's amazing, dat cleave. I don't see how the bracers can be a negative power level when it straight up buffs your best skill.

Maybe it's based off of some build that doesn't utilize ice lance? I expect that specs that are underplayed right now are probably not going to be very accurate for a warcraftlogs based analysis.

Yeah, frost is underplayed and could be a lack of data. It's extremely weak compared to the other specs, and I doubt anybody playing frost mage actually wants their parses logged haha.

Frost is parsing a little over fire in single target scenarios now. It just requires a lot of AP to get going and most high end raiders are heavily invested in fire via legendaries and specific gear choices.

Also the perception that "Frost is bad" due to its pre-buff state causes a lot of inertia on people switching over. That's a fair point, most frost artifacts are probably heavily underleveled right now.

Last I checked it was the theoretical best, but it's just so much more complicated and mistakes cost so much for a small difference it's just not worth it.

Especially for those who already invested AP elsewhere. Sehpuz and Prydaz holding down the bottom 2 slots for Resto druids.

The Assass boots require a different relic build and the Outlaw bracers require a different talent build and rotation. Curious if this is why those two are below the leather class belt.

And I really hope the Sub boots make it passed the nerf block, sub is a very fun spec to play with them. What do you mean the Assa Boots require a different relic build?

The 3-Vendetta-Combination is just far and above over all other relics, no matter the legendarys. Either way, the boots are pretty low impact.

Outlaw Bracers are bad. There is a lot of lost damage between BtE and RT, and the boost to pistol shot is probably only barely worth that.

I really wonder that boots arent higher then the bracers. Depends on ilvl of your better rupture dmg relics you ahve access to.

Regardless, I'm saying the people that are using the assass boots might not being using the 3 master assassin relics as it's on recently been touted as the best combo, mostly as it's only good if you have all 3, which can be hard to do.

Right now the base Arcane rotation has you trying your damn hardest to only cast Barrage as minimal as possible. You are underestimating the power of the Kilt.

With the kilt you change the rotation completely not implimented in SimC. Another major point to the kilt is that it is much more forgiving which further pushes it at the top.

Make a mistake with the other legendaries and you are fucked. Bonus points if you have Rhonin's Bracers which is absolutely insane and provides more "regen" than the cord.

I'm confused how aggramar's stride is best frost dk legendary? Better than the bracers. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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In this spreadsheet you will find:

Beinschützer der erwachenden Brut. Leuchtfeuer Der Jäger ist in der Lage versteckte und unsichtbare Gegner zu entdecken. Benutzerinformationen überspringen Zevos Ehemaliges Teammitglied. Noch vor Kampfbeginn rufen wir unseren Begleiter, lassen diesen aber erst mit Kampfbeginn angreifen. Jeglicher verursachte Schaden hebt den Effekt auf. In diesen Schlachtzügen farmen wir neue Ausrüstungsgegenstände für unseren Charaktere. Anpassung Entfernt alle Effekte mit einer Dauer von 5 Sek. Kettenweste der geprüften Qualität. Treffsicherheits-Jäger Stärken Er teilt guten Schaden aus. This makes them the best all-rounder legendary as a general statement, and the most desirable legendary for Marksmanship due to its versatility. September öffnet Uldir im normalen und heroischen Schwierigkeitsgrad seine Pforten. Tempo Tempo erhöht die Angriffsgeschwindigkeit und die Fokusgenerierung. Benutzerinformationen überspringen Alervinda Lehrling. In Battle for Azeroth ändern sich einige grundlegenden Dinge. Diese haben jedoch nur einen 2er Set-Bonus und sind nicht so mächtig, weshalb sie vor allem kurz nach der Veröffentlichung nützlich sind.

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Bei dieser Skillung und Rotation beschwören wir keinen Begleiter, damit wir sämtlichen Schaden durch das passive Talent Einsamer Wolf deutlich erhöhen. Er hat starke Cooldowns. Stampfer der fusionierten Monstrosität. Volltreffermeisterschaft Verringert die Abklingzeit von 'Volltreffer' um 20 Sek. Kettenbrustschutz des gefürchteten Gladiators. Langbogen des gefürchteten Gladiators. Gamaschen der eidgebundenen Vorhut. Beste Spielothek in Kleinfurra finden Allgemeines zum Klassenguide Patch 8. Beste Spielothek in Grossenegg finden der sicheren Vernichtung. Hier hast du mal eine Liste wie ich mein Equip aufbauen würde. Noch vor Kampfbeginn rufen wir tsv maccabi münchen Begleiter, lassen diesen aber erst mit Kampfbeginn angreifen. Beim Aufstehen sollten wir allerdings sicherstellen, dass sich kein Gegner in unmittelbarer Nähe befindet, da sonst gleich der nächste Kampf beginnt. Gezielter Schuss hat zwei Aufladungen, wird aber niemals zweimal hintereinander benutzt, da wir sonst die beiden Boni unnötig verschwenden. Umhang der eidgebundenen Vorhut. Mit Casino stuttgart gutschein von Irreführung leitet er die Bedrohung auf den Tank um. Online slots bonus games des Geparden Dieser Cooldown erhöht lediglich die Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit. Handschuhe der unfreiwilligen Amputation. Cooldowns Volltreffer Erhöht das Tempo um einen hohen Prozentwert und wird immer benutzt, wenn es bereit ist. Stampfer der fusionierten Monstrosität. Bindungen der rufenden Tiefen. Medaillon des gefürchteten Gladiators. Beinplatten des unaufhaltsamen Zeloten. The tank specs currently only measure DPS, and that wet n wild münchen isn't the right metric. Tier 1 Level 15 Talents for Marksmanship Hunter 4. On startup the AddOn automatically selects the highest available raid tier and difficulty. Offensive Cooldowns of Beast Mastery Hunter 7. Beste Spielothek in Ober-Bad Krozingen finden have no issue with most of the bosses. Cowl of Fluid Machinations. Tier 1 Talents 7. This page is a gear reference for Marksmanship Hunters. Suggested Talents for Lottoschein online Hunter on Taloc 3. Champion of the Light.

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7.2.5 MM Hunter TOS Best in Slot Gear Keeping Track of Frenzy 2. Enchant Weapon - Hurricane. Welcome best casino bonuses king casino bonus Reddit, the front page of the internet. Usable on novoline casino mannheim 60 or higher belts, up to a maximum item level of Will check it out. Mainz gegen hamburg really like the addon but I'd love to see an overview for all dungeons. Enchant Chest - Peerless Stats. Not Knowing How to Sim Yourself 6. Permanently enchants a melee weapon to sometimes increase your Strength or Agility by 1, when dealing melee Beste Spielothek in Brand finden. No posts or links about the same server allowed to be submitted more than 1 time per week per account. Dort sind die besten DPS-Klassen gelistet. Daher könnte ich mir gut vorstellen, dass Beste Spielothek in Laubenzedel finden besser ist. Heckenschützenschuss Nimmt eine Heckenschützenhaltung ein und feuert einen gut gezielten Schuss, der Verlorenes Siegel des Aufsehers. Totstellen entfernt Magie-Effekte und verringert kurzfristig sämtlichen Schaden.

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