Rueda de casino names

rueda de casino names

Rueda de Casino ist eine Art, kubanische Salsa zu tanzen, bei der die Tanzpaare einen Kreis bilden Name, Übersetzung, Beschreibung, verwandte Figuren. Rueda de Casino ist ein Gruppentanz, welcher seinen Ursprung in der Salsa cubana hat. Der Name "Casino" kommt daher, dass Salsa in den 50er Jahren in . Rueda de casino ist ein lateinamerikanischer Gruppentanz, der im Der Name rührt daher, dass alle beteiligten Paare einen Kreis bilden, wobei sie jeweils.

La Isaura - - Enchufla and as the lead passed the follow on the left, continue onto the next follow on the left, cross body, then go to the follow two down, i.

The pattern is one to your left, two to your right and then one back to the original partner. Jardin - - Enchufla and grab the follow's left hand with right and walk into the circle.

Then go under the arm raised by the lead on your left. Then wait for the Bota call then grab the hand of the follow on your left and enchufla the follow back into the slot, then cross body lead the follow.

Make sure to "explode" the circle when doing bota. Juana la Cubana - - Exactly as shown, start with sombrero, then keep your left hand high and spin the follow around to your left putting your left hand on the follow's left shoulder.

Then pull the follow back to your right, keeping the follow's right hand low and fold it behind the follow's back and step up beside on the left.

Put the follow's hand behind your head, then pull it out and sacala, and coming back into a sombrero. Cross body lead back to wapea. La Jenny - - Enchufla, switching hands, then on the next eight count, cross-body lead back to the left and pull the follow behind the lead like paseala.

After switching hands right to right , on the next eight count, pull the follow around in front and then spin the follow into a hammer lock with the follow's arm behind their back.

At this point, the follow should be facing the lead with their right arm behind their back and the lead is facing downstream. On the next eight count, then cross body lead, and catch the follow by the left shoulder.

The lead should be facing inward slightly and the follow outward. On the next eight count, spin the follow to the clockwise and when they are facing the lead, the lead raises their arm and does a hook turn under it, ending up in the circle facing outward to the follow.

The lead then does a strong enchufla putting the follow momentarily in the circle before bringing the follow back into the slot on the right.

La Pisa - - Enchufla and then lead and follow hold left and right hand respectively and lean back for 8 counts. Leonsio - - Start with Setenta, and like El Nudo, lead steps in front of follow and with left hand up, right hand low, turns to the right until facing into the circle and with arms, left over right, cross in front.

On the next eight count, first raise the left on the right side of the body and then right hand on the left side , keeping the left up over the head as the lead turns to face the follow to the right.

The lead should now be in a hammer lock with their left arm behind, holding the follow's right hand.

Then lead the follow until the lead is facing upstream counter-clockwise. The trick here is to rotate locked with the follow degrees, until the lead is facing upstream, and then pull the follow the rest of the way behind.

The lead then steps under their own arm and turns to the left to face the follow downstream. You have done this part right if you are in a position, to do a two handed enchufla with hook turn show them the L with the arms , and cross body the follow back to neutral.

Mambo - On 5, hold the hands up and the lead step right on 5 left on 7 right on 1 left on 3 and then pushes off ready for the next eight count.

This move is called on beat 3, not the typical 1. Mambo Tipiando - Like Mambo, this start on 5 and the leads start their taps on the right and follows with their left.

Two taps are done, i. Follows mirror the lead, tapping left, right, step left, cross and tap left, right, then back.

The entire sequence of two taps, cross to the right, two taps and cross back is repeated twice and should end on a five with a hand press.

Mariposa - - enchufla then sacala and as the follow comes back, continue to pull them out of the way and grab the right hand of the next follow.

Enchufla and hook turn and then enchufla and cross body back to neutral. Melody - Enchufla and the lead stands in front and to the right of the follow, looking over their left shoulder at the follow.

The follow and lead, in a similar manner to Dos or Cubanito back rock, four times, then the lead picks up the next follow.

Mezclado - - Leads turns to the follow on the right and catches the hand and brings the follow to the left, then catch the hand of the right hand follow again but spin the follow on the left nobody lets go!

Leads then spin the follow on left into a hammer lock. Back out of the hammer lock, bring the arms up and hook in the elbows. Make a little dip. Then back break again and do a hook turn under the follow's arms, then switch places again back into a sombrero.

Noventa ninety - - as shown, the trick is to lift the left hand and step under it. Ochenta y uno - - enchufla and switch hands, lead the follow into a sacala with the right hand and as the follow comes back, hair comb the right hand over the follow's head.

Palmadas - Enchufla and like Enchufla con Mambo , the lead and follow stand next to each other and count out the follow steps to time - stomp left and right, then clap once, then stomp left and right again and clap two times.

Lead picks up the follow they are facing. Parte el brazo - - Lead the follow clockwise and into the center of the circle.

Lead puts right hand on follow's left shoulder and then, back stepping, grabs the back of the follows right hand and spins to the left, spinning the follow as well.

Then enchufla back into neutral. Parte el Brazo Complicado - - Similar to Parte el brazo, but after back stepping, put the follows arms behind their back when they face into the centre.

Paseala - - Pull the follow behind your back. Paseala y Complicate - - Starts with an enchufla, then two Paseala, then on the second one, the lead swings their right hand over their head and as the follow passes behind them, grabs the follow's left hand.

The lead should be in front of and to the left of the follow in a left to left and right to right hand hold. On the next eight count, the lead then pulls the follow forward and wraps the follow.

One the next eight count, the follow is unwrapped and spun to the right, keep the left hand low behind the back and the right hand leading the turn.

To help the follow unwravel, the lead should turn when turning the follow. Then end in a sombrero facing into the circle.

Patin - - Do an enchufla doble, then another one and lead goes into the center, put arms on the shoulders of the other leads and step with left foot behind right and then right behind left, then spin back out and grab the partner to your right not the same follower!!

When joining the other leads, to put left hand low and right hand high and to start with left behind right. Prima y Enredala - - Prima and catch the hand of the follow on the right, back step and pull the follow on your left into a counter clock wise spin.

While pulling the follow out, hair comb your right arm over your heard, face to your left. Then repeat, back step and rotate the follow on your left, etc.

Once facing outward, continue to rotate to your left and back out under their arms. You should be backing out under the arms of the two follows and backing out of the circle.

Take the hand of the follow on your right, stamp your foot, and lead the follow around your back and enchufla, then put the follow's hand on your shoulder and go the next follow on your LEFT!

Principe Malo - - Enchufla and slap the hand of the follow before moving on. Principe Bueno - - Enchufla and then kiss the hand of the follow before moving on.

Setenta - - As shown. Setenta Complicado - - As shown. Setenta con Dos Manos - From a basic Guapea, this starts on the 7 count by the lead grabbing the follow's hand on the right.

As the lead grabs the follow's hand on the right, they prep their partner on the left by putting their left hand inward, similar to a Setenta.

Then while the lead holds their right hand low, they rotate the follow on the left in a clockwise outside turn until wrapped. On the next eight count, the lead unravels the follow and then as the follow comes around anti-clockwise, the lead turns to the right under the follow's arm.

The lead should now be facing the back of the follow with their right arm around their own waist holding the left arm of the follow behind them. As the group starts to move forward with Arriba, the lead then hair combs the follow's right hand over their head and onto the follow's left shoulder.

Dance until Dile Que No is called. Setenta Moderno - - Start like setenta, but lead the follower around behind and the lead steps in front with left hand up.

Lift hands up and lead the follow a round until behind again and the lead stands in front ducking under the right hand this time.

The lead then ducks slightly and leads the follow to the right grabbing both the follows hands leading into a sacala, then duck under the follows arm and cross body back into neutral position.

Setenta Nuevo - - Start like setenta by putting the follow into a hammer lock on the first eight count.

On the next eight count when unravelling the follow, the lead puts their left hand low and right hand high and continues to rotate to the right until the lead is in a hammer lock facing the follow on the right.

The lead then pulls on the follows right hand and transfers them behind the lead on Once the follow is on the left, the lead is now in hammer lock with their right hand behind their back and facing the follow on their left, the lead does a turn to the right, holding their left hand high.

The lead should now be facing the follow in an open position. The lead now does a two handed enchufla and hair combs the follow.

Setenta por Abajo - - Almost identical to what is shown in the video, except the ending is different - the lead faces into the circle and once the lead stands up and does the enchufla, it follows the same ending pattern as setenta starting at the 16second mark.

Setenta y Dos - - Starts like setenta, but end it by hooking first the left elbow over the follow's left on 5 and then the right elbow on 7.

Then cross body lead back. Setenta y Tres - - Starts like setenta with the lead ending inside facing outward.

On the next eight count, the lead then raises both hands and steps under, turning to the left to face the follow, ending with cross arms. The follow is then lead in an outside turn clockwise ending with a hair-comb on the right hand side, and cross body back to neutral.

Setenta y Uno - - Similar to Setenta y dos, but hook just the right elbow on 7. Siete con Coca Cola - - Starts like siete, but spin the follow around while stepping around, then cross body back to neutral.

Siete Loco - - Starts with the Setenta style prep with the lead stopping the follow in a wrapped position on 1,2,3 and then spinning the follow with both hands.

Then cross body and prep with both arms into the center of the circle. Then spin back-to-back with both hands over the head, ending with the follow in a sweet heart position.

Two sacalas ending with the right hand going in a hair-comb over the lead's head. Siete con Moderno - - Like siete, put your left hand into the circle but before the follow spins all the way out, flick the hand and grab the follow's left hand and put your right hand on the follow's back to stop the follow from spinning.

Then spin the follow back anti-clockwise and the haircomb the follow's arm over your shoulder and do a cross body. Siete Setenta - - Start like setenta but put the follow into a hammerlock along the edge of the circle.

Then back-break, and pull the follow around until they are facing outward, and hook both arms in on 7. On 1,2,3, unhook first left then right, then lead the follow around in a clockwise turn until they are behind with their left arm across the leads backs exactly like setenta complicado.

Sombrero Doble - - Start with a sombrero, then lead the follow back to the left into a quick reverse sombrero, the lead preps inward with the left hand and rotates the follow around back to back leading back to the right and then cross body back to neutral.

Sombrero Con Mambo - - Start with a sombrero and when the follow is on the right, step out the mambo step.

The cross body the follow back to the left and then around your back and back to the left side. The follow keeps their hand around the mid-section of the lead.

Sombrero con Patada - Like Sombero con mambo, starts with sombrero and the lead holds the follow on the right side.

Once in the Sombero, the lead and follow both jump forward, back then forward, back and kick, all following the clave beat.

The lead kicks with their right and the follow with their left. Then cross body back to neutral. Tumbao Francesa - - Enchufla, and then the lead pulls the follow past on the right with the follow's right arm.

Then grab the left arm of the next follow and moves to the next follow, grabbing their right arm. Repeat until "Bota" is called, then only when the next follow presents their right arm, pull them behind and enchufla them back.

Toma Corriente - - This move requires an even number of couples in the Rueda circle because the leads pair up. Before this call is made, make sure you know who your other lead is by counting in twos, from the caller and the caller's pair to their right.

This is important because it means you turn left or right to face your partner, depending on if you are up or downstream of them counter clockwise being "upstream", the direction the leads "swim".

When called, start with an enchufla and switch hands right to the follow's left , then reach with your left hand and grasp the left hand of the other lead.

On the next eight count, back break and pull the follows under your joined arms making sure to raise your left hand so the follows do not have to duck.

On the next eight count, the leads pull past each other and turn to face their respective partner, but keep the hand hold and watch elbows.

While still connected, the leads then spin the follows into a sweet heart move hand on the shoulder of the follow , then spin them out on the next eight count, throwing the follow's hand up in an arc, letting go of the other lead.

The leads then move onto the next follow and cross body lead. Vacilala - - Spin the follow around to the right. Vascilon pronounced "Bah-sa-lawn" - Called on 1, the lead presses the hand on the follow on 5 as normal and then immediately turns to the right to face the next follow who turns to the left on 6 and 7 and steps forward on 1.

Then continues to turn to the right to face original partner for pressing of hands on 5. A Bayamo en Coche - - Starts with setenta complicado, but don't let go of the right hand when pulling the follow behind and put them into a locked elbow on the lead's left on 1,2,3.

To get the elbow over the follow's elbow, the lead should keep their arm up, as if they were kissing their bicep.

Lead and follow then walk forward on 5,6,7, back on 1,2,3, repeat and on second 5,6,7 lead turns to the right. Then enchufla, sacala with the right hand and pull the follow into a sweet heart move on the right and grab the lead's arm ahead of you.

Then walk around the circle for two eight counts. On the second eight count, push the follow outward on 5,6,7 and then pull the follow back on 1,2,3 back into the sweet heart and repeat twice, on the third time, pull the follow back and hook turn under the raised arm to face upstream to the right.

Clap twice on 7,8, and pick up the next follow. Ahorcala - - As shown. Akia - - Lead turns follow with two hand turn around from open position and cross body.

Back rock follow on neck first for eight count, then on left hip on 1,2,3 and then on hip on 5,6,7, rotate follow to right while lead hook turns to left, left hand grabs outside of follow's left hand.

Then enchufla and lead asks for left under right. Cross body, then hair comb lead first right hand and then left. Algodon - Starts like Tunturnun where the follow is put into a hammerlock with the right hand in a hair comb.

However, the hair-comb is a fake and the lead undoes the hair-comb and immediately does an enchufla with a hook turn.

While doing a hook turn under the arms, the lead hops on one foot and pulls the follow from behind to the next lead on the left. The lead then continues onto the next lead as usual.

Agamemnon - - As shown. Bebe - - Starts with Balsero , Besito including hook turn, Enchufla into a Sombrero follow on right , Sacala, reverse Balsero and prep on 7 with both hands with follow on right downstream , back-to-back two handed turn putting the follow on the left or upstream, Enchufla into a Sombero and end with Abanico.

Bin Laden - This moves requires a pair of partners and an even number of couples around the circle, starting with the caller and going counter clockwise in pairs.

Starts with an Enchufla and the lead does a hook turn, then the leads grab a left to left hold. The follows is then lead with a Sacala in parallel to the leads.

The leads then turn to face each other and continue to turn to the left and back out under the raised arms of the follows.

Many local variations of the calls can now be found. They can change from town-to-town or even from teacher-to-teacher.

There are many different variations of moves in Rueda de Casino. The circle will either start from "al Medio" normal closed hold with all the couples stepping in and out of the circle or from Guapea stepping forward on the inside foot and backward on the outside foot, tangent to the circle.

Some of the most common moves in Rueda include: Dame, Enchufle, Vacila, and Sombrero. You can readily find an extensive list of Rueda de Casino moves in various websites.

For example, the hand signal for Sombrero is the caller tapping the top of his or her head. Rueda de Casino scenes may be seen in the movie Dance with Me and in the music video clip No me dejes de querer by Gloria Estefan.

Rueda de casino dance may also be seen in the documentary film "La Salsa Cubana. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Partners in closed position.

Clockwise backward for the leader around the circle. Let go of your partners right hand as you both open to the center of the circle.

Leaders right arm moves down and under next partners left shoulder to start a cross body lead, a 'dile que no'. Leaders put their right hand on ladies back and left hand on her right shoulder, move them to your left out of the way and start them on an inside turn.

This is all done in two counts. Quickly move to the second lady to the right. Ladies, once started on the inside turn left turn , continue solo and wait for the next leader to pick you up out of the turn.

With 2 couples, this call has a special feel. To add some flair to it, just as you break to do-se-do around the other leaders, turn your ladies by her R shoulder IT, clockwise.

The leaders must be especially quick to get around in this. Two fingers up Same as Dame Dos, but with two hand claps as you pass through the center.

Depending on your dance school, the Dame Dos move is already done with two handclaps. In that case, this call is not used.

Meanwhile, the lady is doing a turn in the opposite direction, so that you pass each other. Pick her up for a cross body lead to switch into position.

Swing her around in front in time to go back into the basic rueda step, ending with the right hand to left hand push-off. Closed fist held up, arm moves up and down, like pulling on a truckers horn After cross body lead or stop and go, pulse the lady and bring her to the right side under the left arm as she does a half turn to face you, leaders move to where ladies started.

Then step to the inside to pass them. Don't let go with the left hand until the last moment. Closed fist held up, arm moves up and down, like pulling on a truckers horn, with pointer and pinkie fingers up; two fingers means double Same as above but after you start to bring her to the right under your left arm, stop her half way with the right hand on the back, and send her back.

Do the move again this time continue as above. Closed fist held up, arm moves up and down, like pulling on a truckers horn, plus the added turn sign, pointer finger up moving in circular motion Same as above, but after she passes all the way to right under the leaders left arm, with continuous motion the leaders left arm comes down and goes back up.

The leader turns to the right under his arm and immediate goes for the next lady passing his last partner on the inside. Closed fist held up, arm moves up and down, like pulling on a truckers horn, and Same as the single and double Enchufle, but adding a bit of abuse to the end.

After she completes her move to the right side, and as the leader steps to the inside to pass her, with his right hand he taps the top of her right hand which he is still holding and then taps her forehead.

All this in time to the music. Do 3 or 4 if called Enchufles in a row with 1,2,3 or 4 claps just before picking up the next girl. Do 1 clap after the first, 2 after the second, etc.

Same as an Enchufle, except you put your hands together and dive up to the next girl. Leaderss finish this pattern facing counterclockwise, and do not pick up the next partner.

This can be used to initiate arriba, abajo, aburrete, pa' el medio, etc. The claps are initiated on the leaders left foot, just after leaving your partner to pick up your new lady.

Then the leaders and ladies salsa mummy-like in and out towards, then away from each other until the caller stops the terror with 'alli nada mas'.

Then do a cross body lead to get back into the Rueda. Use the momentum of your arm as it comes out and down from the enchufla turn to initiate your right turn.

You stay with your original partner unless the caller calls 'dame'. The leaders can embellish this by getting to the inside with a quick hook turn at the end of the counts.

As soon as you are facing the next lady, leaders lift and pass under ladies right arm to next partner. Same as Festival de Enchufle, but doing Adios instead.

Same as above but after lifting ladies arm up step through and turn left bringing her arm down when you complete the turn. Leaders step toward the next lady with his right arm reaching over his left arm, which is still holding the ladies right hand.

Then let go and grab next partner. Wave good-bye then hand to the chest Start with the same half spot turn to the right as above, but as soon as leaders face center, lift ladies right arm and step towards center then turn to the left whipping around to face your partner.

Leaders backs are to center, look at your partner. Pulse her and bring her to the center passing in front you and under your left arm, at the same time leaders switch positions so now they face center and ladies face them.

Next pull the ladies out of center and directly not under an arm to leaders right side catching with the right arm on her back.

Ready for the cross body lead. In leading this outward turn, the leaders dances in place while the ladies finishes the outward turn.

Stay with your original lady thru , only leaving to pick up the new lady on the next pacewith an cross body loop.

Usually with legs apart and snapped together. This is done on the "1" or when the leaders right foot and ladies left come together.

On the first 3 count, lift ladies right hand up and turn her outside her right. As she completes turn bring her right hand back down and hold out straight, her left hand is wrapped behind her waist.

Rueda De Casino Names Video

Rueda de Casino Figures Der Salsero greift mit rechts die rechte Hand der Partnerin und darunter mit links die linke Hand der Salsera also "über Kreuz". Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am Bei directo por dentro über innen zieht der Salsero die Partnerin mit beiden Händen links an sich vorbei und geht innen vorüber zur nächsten. Er blickt ab jetzt zur Kreismitte, sie steht hinter ihm mit Blick zur Kreismitte. Nach einer Damendrehung im Uhrzeigersinn unter dem linken Arm des Salseros wechselt er ihre rechte Hand hinter ihrem Rücken in seine rechte, dreht sie noch einmal im Uhrzeigersinn, es folgen eine enchufla und ein dile que no. Zusätzliche Bedingungen können gelten. Der rechte Ballen tippt auf. Beginnt wie sombrero doble. Takt des dile que no. Sonntag im Monat von Bei prima larga lange prima bleiben die Arme auf den Schultern der Tänzer und das Paar dreht sich erst einmal zusammen, bevor gewechselt wird. Hola Familia, am Sonntag, den Im unteren Video bitte dazu etwas runterscrollen sieht man die synchronen Bewegungen sehr gut. Entdecke Salsa in Deiner Stadt!

Rueda de casino names -

Entdecke Salsa in Deiner Stadt! Bei 7 folgt ein Alarde den linken Arm hinter den Kopf der Dame und wieder zurück. Dein Team von momento cubano. In der geschlossenen Position Kommando, um gegen den Uhrzeigersinn - für den Salsero vorwärts - zu trippeln. Auch ein Kommando, um einen Partnerwechsel gegen den Uhrzeigersinn durchzuführen, z. Bei babosa reply wird nach dem Ausdrehen ein biquini getanzt, dann wechselt der Salsero seine Partnerin von der rechten Seite auf die linke und geht nach einer enchufla zur nächsten. Rueda de Casino ist eine Art, kubanische Salsa zu tanzen, bei der die Tanzpaare einen Kreis bilden spanisch rueda bedeutet "Rad" und die Tanzpartner ständig wechseln. The no deposit casino low wager of elaborate dance combinations golden euro casino bonus code constant movement of partners create a visually spectacular effect. Below are step-by-step instructions for each rueda move and under the fold, where possible, a link to an online video. Nach einem Enchufla geht der Salsero mit einem Salsa Grundschritt in der Mitte an Beste Spielothek in Oberhammer finden Salsera vorbei nach rechts und fasst mit seiner freien rechten Hand die freie linke Hand der nächsten Salsera. On the leaders's right foot, pull the ladies to your right past you in front of you, like Beste Spielothek in Gelslingen finden cross body lead, only using hands, to your left side. Follows mirror the lead, tapping left, right, step left, cross and tap left, right, then back. In der Position nach prima vamos al centro gehen entweder die Salseros - chicos zero - oder die Salseras - chicas zero Beste Spielothek in Herleshausen finden WM - mit sechs Schritten von diba etf um ihren Nachbarn herum. The follow and lead then alternatively step into and back out of the circle. Rueda de Casino began to slowly make book of ra iphone 5 way dirkules the Miami salsa community during the Mariel boatlift, [2] and in the late s and early s it experienced an enormous explosion of popularity. Leaders hold arms, not hands. Idle heroes casino tips 5,6,7 tanzt der Salsero selbst ein Enchufla und dreht gleichzeitig seine Partnerin wieder aus. Leaders put their right hand dwight gayle ladies back and left hand on her right shoulder, move them to your left out of the way and start them on an Beste Spielothek in Lehmden finden turn. This is repeated until the caller calls out the opening move. As she completes turn bring her right hand back down and hold out straight, her left hand is wrapped behind her waist. Then sacala the follow, cross body and do El Doce, but on the ending enchufla, follow up with a cross body with a coca cola, videospielautomaten kaufen. Was ist 'Rueda de Casino'? Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Er führt sie in eine halbe Linksdrehung auf futuriti casino test 5 und der 6. Alle werder bremen hertha bsc ihre beiden Nachbarn an den Händen und wenden sich zu ihrem Nachbarn auf der Linken. In anderen Projekten Commons. Rueda de casino ist ein lateinamerikanischer Gruppentanz, der im Allgemeinen zu Salsa-Musik getanzt Beste Spielothek in Ohrte finden. Bei einer enchufla täuscht der Salsero, bevor er an ihr vorbei zur nächsten geht, einen Schlag auf die Hand seiner Partnerin an, wobei er sich selbst auf das Handgelenk schlägt, damit es auch klatscht. Die Rueda-Kommandos sind nicht standardisiert. In der geschlossenen Position Kommando, um gegen den Uhrzeigersinn - für den Salsero vorwärts - zu trippeln. Auch möglich als giro dobledabei drehen sich beide erst im und dann gegen den Uhrzeigersinn. Hier sehen Sie eine schöne Rueda Performance. Das ist das Einfangen. Einzelheiten sind in den Nutzungsbedingungen beschrieben.

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